Celebrating 55 Years of Defining Excellence


Precision Punch & Tooling

In 1965, a small family-owned business began by giving what their customers needed: high-precision stock punches.  Since then, by taking the time to hear what customers say and to learn from them, and by fulfilling exacting specifications, Precision Punch & Tooling has become a leading supplier of high quality specialty tooling, miniature tooling, punches, die buttons, core pins, mold pins, perforators, gage blanks, and tool blanks.

Precision Punch & Tooling is celebrating its 55th anniversary with an exceptional reputation for finding unique solutions to challenging problems. Over the years, while other companies might not have had the requisite combination of professional expertise and advanced capabilities, Precision Punch & Tooling has been equipped with the talent and the technology needed. Engineers and manufacturers began to rely on Precision Punch to meet demanding design specifications—and still do. Even during tough economic times, while other tooling component manufacturers struggled, Precision Punch continued to invest in state-of-the-art equipment, and in the training and professional development of employees to deliver, and to grow.

Today, in its 44,000 square feet state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, specially trained engineers and machinists carry on the tradition by responding to customers’ needs in the Metal Forming, Metal Fabricating, Mold Tooling, Ammunition Tooling, Medical, Dental, Fin Die Tooling, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Aviation and Automotive Industries. The Precision Punch team combines engineering experience, technical expertise, and personal pride, assuring that every piece meets the same rigorous requirements–from the tiniest perforator to the most complex mold component to the most demanding metal-forming punch.

Still proudly owned by an American, with all parts still being made in America Precision Punch continues its commitment to setting the precision tooling industry standards that define excellence. Always open to continuous improvement, the company incorporates the principles and practices of Lean Manufacturing, and employs the tools and methodologies of Six Sigma resulting in the ability to deliver optimum value to every customer.

President and CEO, Kevin Gregoire looks forward to further learning and increased growth over the next 50 years: “We will continue to define excellence and exceed expectations by manufacturing the highest-quality products; by providing strong and purposeful leadership; by supporting a culture of empowerment; by partnering with customers; and by always being open to new ideas.”

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