Carbide Tooling

Precision Punch & Tooling is expanding and now offers Carbide Tooling.  As a well known and respected manufacturer of custom punches, pins, mold components, and specialty tooling we now carry a complete line of carbide tooling to help in your manufacturing process.  With completive pricing and on-time delivery we offer the finest in carbide tooling to meet your exacting specifications resulting in improved in-plant productivity and quality performance as well as reduced manufacturing cost.

Our experienced team of engineers and machinists will work with you every step of the way, from design to development to delivery.

  • Hold tolerances of 0.00002"
  • Carbide bushings with a 4.00 outside diameter
  • Carbide dies up to 4" (depending on product shape)
  • Carbide ring gages from 0.050 to 3.500
  • Carbide plug gages from 0.050 to 3.500
  • Carbide punches down to a 0.030" point diameter
  • Carbide grinding quills
  • Carbide form inserts

Setting the Standard

When it comes to Precision Punch & Tooling, there’s no such thing as less-than-perfect. That’s why Precision Punch & Tooling has emerged as the industry leader in consistency of performance. For years, our customers have relied on our expertise in grinding virtually any custom shape or configuration. They know our ability to adhere to extremely tight tolerances is something they won’t easily find anywhere else. And our variety of medical grade stainless steels and superior micro finishes enable us to deliver products suited for any medical application.

Carbide Tooling

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