Medical Drill & Burr Blanks

U.S. Manufactured Medical Drill and Burr Blanks
by Precision Punch & Tooling

They probably don’t realize it, but health care professionals and medical practitioners place their trust in Precision Punch & Tooling every day. That’s because medical manufacturers worldwide rely on Precision Punch & Tooling to meet the uncompromising standards of the medical and dental professions. They know that if it has to be perfect, it has to be Precision Punch & Tooling. We’ve built our reputation on perfection. Our expert team of engineers and machinists works with each project from start to finish to assure an outstanding and accurate product. Major medical manufacturers know they can count on our burr blanks to make instruments that meet the meticulous requirements of neurosurgery, otology and orthopaedics with straightness unsurpassed by any other manufacturer


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