Our Core Values


We are committed to creating superior value for our customers by anticipating, understanding, and excelling at meeting their needs. We strive to deliver products and services which meet or exceed their safety, quality, delivery, and cost requirements.

We strongly believe in creating enduring partnerships based on customer recognized value, trust, respect, and mutual reliance. We recognize the customer is our ultimate employer and innovative quality products and services are what we provide.


We will create a culture where we continually reinvent ourselves in the areas that bring value to our customers. We will make use of the appropriate continuous improvement methods in all aspects of our business with the ultimate goal of being our customer's supplier of choice.

We believe the only way to continually meet the changing requirements of our customers is through leadership practices which emphasize the rigorous application of: Strategic Planning, Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.


Our leadership and management philosophy is to provide formalized relevant training to achieve highly skilled and qualified people. We consider our people to be our most valued assets. Continual training is essential for our people to meet current customer expectations and to be the architects of process improvements to meet the customer's evolving needs. Once trained, our people are given strategic purpose, performing their jobs in accordance with standardized processes which are measured for adherence to standards and improvement opportunities.  Standardized processes deliver value to our customers and represent the best we know how to do today while serving as the foundation for what must be improved upon in the future. Every person's credo must be to perform their job better tomorrow than they did today.


We recognize our value-creating processes require cross functional teamwork to be successful and to improve. The foundation for high performing teams has individuals who respect their co-workers, respect their customers, and respect themselves. Every person must take full responsibility for their personal conduct and actions while in pursuit of achieving our team goals. This will bring about people who are fully engaged in the business where they feel encouraged and comfortable contributing in a team environment.

Every person deserves a safe working environment and must never be denied the pride which comes from performing their job well. We respect and encourage our people to lead balanced lives between work and their personal life.




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