Our Vision Statement

We are a manufacturer of high precision steel tooling and components serving market segments involved in: Stamping, Injection Molding, Metal Forming / Fabricating, Ammunitions, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical and Biotech. We will continue to invest in our processes, core competencies, company knowledge/skills, and capital equipment to meet the evolving needs of our customers, offering a continually expanding portfolio of products and services. In doing so we will develop customer-supplier integration and relationships which anticipate their product needs and simplify their decision to make us their one stop supplier of choice.

We will grow our company based on sound market intelligence of the industries and customers we pursue. We will synthesize this market intelligence with our engineering, customer service, and manufacturing expertise to manufacture products to print, co-develop products, and solely develop products for our customers. In doing so we will create mutual reliance and stronger relationships with our customers that go beyond the typical customer-supplier relationships. We will consider a partnership with or acquisition of companies that are synergistic with our vision. Our ambitious goal should always be to strive towards knowing what our customers are thinking and be in a position to anticipate and fulfill their needs.

Through leveraging and building upon a well defined set of core competencies which cascade from our sound market intelligence, we will look across many market segments, customers, and products to relentlessly pursue product adjacencies related to our core competencies. We will use a disciplined approach in choosing our product adjacencies to insure we build predictable and sustainable growth in the near term while gaining a better vantage point to expand our product adjacencies well beyond what was imaginable to us years prior.

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