Precision Punch Is Now Precision Punch & Tooling!

Dear Valued Customers:

As a company whose reputation is built on precision, we believe our name should also be precise. That’s why as of May 1, 2018, Precision Punch & Tooling we will proudly be known as:

Now, more than ever, when you think of precision punch and precision tooling, you’ll think of us–because that’s precisely what we do!

Our new name continues to honor our 53 years as a premier manufacturer of standard and special punches, pins, die components, punch blanks and metal-stamping tools. At the same time, our name now recognizes our evolution as a specialty tool manufacturer.

Over the years, our manufacturing capabilities have grown significantly due to an aggressive capital investment strategy, acquisition, talent procurement, development, and exceptional customer service. We offer comprehensive and unique tooling solutions to resolve the most challenging issues in the following market segments:

  • Injection Molding Tooling
  • Tablet Compression Tooling
  • Medical Manufacturing
  • Fin Die Tooling
  • Electronics Tooling
  • Battery Tooling
  • Stamping Tooling
  • Metal-fabricating Tooling
  • Ammunition Tooling
  • Pharmaceutical Tooling
  • Dental Manufacturing
  • Can and End Tooling
  • Aviation Tooling
  • Feeler Gage
  • Metal-forming Tooling

Precision Punch and Tooling will continue to operate in its current structure with no change in ownership or staff. Your contacts will remain the same as will our office location, phone, and fax numbers:

Address: 304 Christian Lane, Berlin, CT 06037
Phone: 860-229-9902
Fax:  860-224-4238

What’s in a name? Everything! For Precision Punch and Tooling, our name now says it all.

Download Press Release (PDF)

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