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Tool Blanks – HSS Tool Blanks

Cutting tool blank is made from a variety of tool steels, from high speed steel stock most commonly M-2 and A-2, but are also commonly custom ordered in PM-M4 and PM-10V steel. They are manufactured to a standard shape or a customer desired form that is ready for final processing and differentiation of a tool at the discretion of the end user. Having tool blanks in stock allows the end user to manufacture tooling when needed and avoid long lead-times, as well as allowing for a quick response to emergencies. Precision Punch & Tooling offers a premium line of standard and custom tool blanks that are manufactured to industry leading precision with respect to dimensional tolerances and concentricity.

Custom and Stock High Speed Steel Tool Blanks

Precision Punch & Tooling offers a complete line of standard tool blanks and has the engineering expertise and experience to provide “special” and “custom” tooling and punch blanks for our customers’ existing, as well as new, applications like PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

Precision Punch & Tooling capabilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Manufacturing Diameters from .004 to 1.250 inches while holding tolerances down to .0001 inches.

2. Manufacturing Lengths up to 12 inches long.

3. Surface Finishes down to 2 micro (Ra or RMS)

4. Manufactured in metric also for specials and custom parts.

5. Straightness up to .0004 T.R.I., depending on part design could be tighter.

6. Offer the widest range of in-stock materials including but not limited to A-2, D-2, M-2,M-7, M-42, M-50, S-7, H-13, PM-M4, PM-3V, PM-9V, PM-10V, PM-15V, 0-1, 52-100, 17-4, 15-5, 300 series Stainless Steel and 400 series Stainless Steel as well as other grades.

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