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Core Pins

Core Pins From Precision Punch & Tooling

Core pins are used in the plastic molding and die casting dies. They are a fixed element used to create a void providing the desired shape in the molded or cast part. It is often easier to machine a core pin as a separate element and add it to the A-side or B-side as needed. Steel core pins are sometimes used in aluminum molds to create tall, thin cores that might be too fragile if machined out of the bulk aluminum of the mold. The pins are also used for part ejection from a die.


A-Side of a core pin is sometimes called the “cavity” it is the half of the mold that usually creates the exterior of a cosmetic part. The A-side usually does not have moving parts built into it.

B-Side is sometimes called the “core” it is the half of the mold where ejectors, side-action cams and the other complex components are located. On a cosmetic part, the B-side usually creates the inside of the part.

Custom Core Pins

Precision Punch & Tooling offers a complete line of standard core pins and has the engineering expertise and experience to provide “special” and “custom” core pins for our customer’s existing as well as new applications. Our “special” and “custom” tooling results in our customers having improved in-plant productivity and quality performance as well as reduced manufacturing cost.

Precision Punch & Tooling capabilities include but are not limited to:

  1. Manufacturing Diameters from .004 to 1.250 inches while holding tolerances down to .0001 inches.
  2. Manufacturing Point Diameters down to .003 inches.
  3. Manufacturing Lengths up to 12 inches long.
  4. Surface Finishes down to 2 micro (Ra or RMS)
  5. Manufactured in metric.
  6. Concentricity up to .0003 T.R.I., depending on part design could be tighter.
  7. Offer the widest range of in-stock materials including but not limited to A-2, D-2, M-2,M-7, M-42, M-50, S-7, H-13, PM-M4, PM-3V, PM-9V, PM-10V, PM-15V, 0-1, 52-100, 17-4, 15-5, 300 series Stainless Steel and 400 series Stainless Steel as well as other grades.

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