Punches & Dies



Precision Punch engineers and machinist are committed to providing superior punch and die products and service to our customers. With their expertise, we offer a precision line of punches and dies in more standard materials than any other North American manufacturer. It is no wonder that manufacturing professional’s turn to Precision Punch to meet their most challenging needs. Precision Punch products include precision concentricity between the point and the shank, resulting in better punch and die alignment. Our punch and die products provide for increased wear resistance, less sharpening time, longer die runs, less downtime, lower maintenance costs resulting in exceptional value for your dollar.

Our punch and die capabilities include .004 to 1.250 inch diameters. Tolerances down to .0001 inches and lengths up to 12 inches, as well as point diameters down to .004 inches and 2 micro (Ra or RMS) surface finishes.

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