Wire EDM


A Cut Above

At Precision Punch, we’ve heavily invested in our wire EDM shop. Unlike some other shops, ours is an ultimate clean-room grade, climate-controlled facility. It’s custom- built to ensure consistency and exactness in every cut and every part. In this sophisticated workplace, our advanced wire EDM machine integrates high cutting speed and accuracy with powerful process control for 0.0001 dimensional accuracy and precision. The environment is also ideal for our SmartScope Quest 250 measurement system that provides resolution to 0.000002 inch and produces systematic dimensional reports on every job.

Wired for Service

Our experienced team of engineers and machinists work with you from start to finish, blending superior custom capabilities with specialized professional talent. You receive the service you deserve, and your product meets the specifications you prescribe. Our wire EDM services include careful planning and efficient production strategies which translate into unequalled turn-around time and extraordinarily quick delivery.


Put Us to the Test

Just as we are vigilant in inspecting our own products, we offer the same inspection capabilities as a separate service to our customers. We apply our expertise in dimensional metrology and our SmartScope Quest 250 measurement quality assurance to products manufactured outside of our shop. We can provide certification, serial number and laser-marking services as well.


The One-Stop Shop

From inception to inspection, whether you are creating one piece or high-volume replicated production, every part cut in our facility must meet our renown quality standards of design, materials, qualification, and inspection.

The wire EDM shop with the unrivaled combination of:

  • Clean-room laboratory quality controlled environment
  • Technically advanced wire EDM machine for accuracy & speed
  • SmartScope Quest 250 state-of-the-art measurement system
    • 0.0001” dimensional precision
    • 0.0000002” resolution
  • Experienced and expert engineers and machinists
  • Fastest turnaround and delivery time
  • Precision Punch’s reputation for accuracy, quality and service

Exceptional customers like you deserve Precision Punch’s exceptional products and services. So, we are offering you, our customer, an exclusive opportunity to have all your wire EDM needs serviced by Precision Punch. We’ve spared no expense in creating an unrivaled combination of clean-room grade facility and state-of-the-art EDM machine and testing equipment. That means that you can expect the same uncompromising standards and superior quality that we demand in the manufacturing of our own products.

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