Stock Punches



We start with the industry’s most extensive line up of in-stock materials including M-2, A-2, D-2, 0-1, PM-M4, PM-10V. We offer a full line of ground perforators, close space punches, stepped punches (solid and ejector types) die buttons, die blanks, tool blanks, core pins, mold pins and forged pins that are built to exact tolerances and concentricity to provide superior alignment, better performance, longer runs, and less downtime. Most catalog products are available for immediate delivery.

Our standard tool, die and mold component capabilities include diameters .004 to 1.250 in. while holding tolerances down to .0001 in., lengths up to 12 in., point diameters down to .004 in. and surface finishes to 2 micro (Ra or RMS).

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