Tablet Tooling

Precision Punch & Tooling manufactures precision tablet tooling for the Pharmaceutical, Confectionary, and Automotive Industries. Every component we manufacture is built from the industry’s most extensive lineup of in-stock materials.  Our hardened ground parts meet the most demanding specifications for the most challenging applications.  Our capabilities include diameters ranging from .004 to 1.25 inches while holding tolerances down to .0001 inches and surface finishes down to 2 micro (Ra or RMS).

Setting the Standard

When it comes to Precision Punch & Tooling, there’s no such thing as less-than-perfect. That’s why Precision Punch & Tooling has emerged as the industry leader in consistency of performance. For years, our customers have relied on our expertise in grinding virtually any custom shape or configuration. They know our ability to adhere to extremely tight tolerances is something they won’t easily find anywhere else. And our variety of medical grade stainless steels and superior micro finishes enable us to deliver products suited for any medical application.

Exceptional Service

We know that any custom product begins with you, our customer. We listen to you and learn from you. Our highly knowledgeable technical team provides support and guidance whether working on the simplest sketch or the most intricately engineered component. We have the experience and expertise to translate the specific expectations of designers, CAD operators, and engineers into products that meet your precise needs. Our exceptional service and our technical know-how enable us to keep our quality high and your cost low. It’s no surprise that 80% of our business is generated from custom design orders.

Product Selectivity

Whatever the size, shape, or finish, we have the largest in-stock selection of high grade tool steels and stainless steels to meet your needs. We have core pins, punches, perforators, and a full line of gas springs to give you what you need. We also have the ingenuity and innovation to produce parts from just about any other materials your designers request.

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