Wire Die & Nitrogen Gas Springs

Precision Punch offers a complete line of versatile Wire Die Springs and Nitrogen Gas springs made by Special Springs. It’s a natural fit: Precision Punch’s signature quality and precision and Special Springs’ high level of dimensional accuracy, durability and reliability. That’s why many of our customers use these springs along with Precision Punch products for injection molding, metal stamping and in tool & die shops.We provide same-day shipping for stock product orders placed by 3 pm. Above all, you can be confident that every spring meets Precision Punch’s extraordinary standard of excellence.

Wire Die Springs

Die Springs are heavy-duty metal compression springs, designed to store more energy in a smaller space than round wire springs can store. They meet the demands of heavy stress, heavy load applications, such as punch presses, die machinery, automotive brakes and clutches, farm machinery, and aerospace. Special Springs uses ‘CAD Springs’, a revolutionary, integrated software program to calculate, select and generate precision products. Precision Punch offers a full choice of color-coded die springs made from rectangular, round and oval wire to meet a wide range of specifications, ranging from light-load to extra heavy-load.

Nitrogen Gas Springs

These springs use compressed gas to exert force. Housed within a cylinder, nitrogen gas springs meet a wide variety of specifications, with variations on tonnage, stroke lengths, and mounting capabilities. They are used in automobile struts and hatchback doors, office chairs, press tooling, medical and aerospace applications, and other industrial manufacturing. At Precision Punch & Tooling we offer a full-line of nitrogen gas springs, from standard and fixed height cylinders to auto-return cylinders with height adjustment. The structural components of Special Springs’ gas springs are designed and built to withstand a minimum of 2,000,000 complete cycles at maximum pressure, temperature and for all types of fixings.

Wire Die and Nitrogen Gas Springs from Precision Punch & Tooling:

  • Cross Reference Compatible
  • ISO Standards
  • Same Day Shipping on Orders Placed by 3pm
  • Safety You Can Trust
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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